Onboarding Assistant Overview

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When adding data to your Talexio account, you may either input details individually or in bulk. The Onboarding Assistant is a tool which will facilitate the bulk onboarding of your data, be it employee data, leave data, organisation data, training data, or past payroll data.



To access the Onboarding Assistant, you will need the Manage All Employee Data permission. The permissions required to upload templates via the onboarding assistant depend on which templates you are looking to upload. The permissions for each template are outlines in their articles.


Bulk Uploads using the Onboarding Assistant

To access the Onboarding Assistant, you will need to go to the People section. There, click on the 3 dots on the side and select Onboarding Assistant:

The onboarding process is divided in four stages. In each stage the templates to be used are given in order from top to bottom: 

  1. Organisation Structure
  2. People
  3. Training Data
  4. Past Payroll Data



How to use the Onboarding Assistant

For each of the 4 sections in the Onboarding Assistant, you will need to:

  1. Download the templates
  2. Complete the templates
  3. Upload the templates


It is important that you do not change the format of the template as doing so will result in errors when you attempt to upload the data. 

Once a file is uploaded successfully, the upload button will change to a green tick mark. 

If the upload is unsuccessful, you will get an error message to advise you of the reason for the unsuccessful upload. 

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