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One of the modules offered by Talexio is the Time & Attendance module. This module is used create scheduled shifts for employees, to log time clocked by employees (using either the online punch clock or the physical punch clock device), as well as to approve those clocked hours in comparison to the shifts published.



The information contained in this article is provided to give an overview of the Time & Attendance module. Within each of these sections there are different permissions that can be given. For more information on Time & Attendance specific permissions, click here.

In order for employees to make use of this module, you need to ensure that Time & Attendance is enabled on their profile


Time & Attendance Overview

Within the Time & Attendance module employers can create Shift Templates, Generate a Schedule, Manage and Approve Clockings made by their employees. For clients who have the Payroll module also, this can all connect to the employees payslip.

T&A Overview.jpg


This article will provide a small overview of the menu items within the Time & Attendance module. For further information on each of these sections and functions, please visit our Time & Attendance Product Guides.



This section displays to the user the raw information regarding the clockings of employees. In this section, users can:

  • Make clockings using the online punch clock.
  • Filter clockings for reporting purposes.
  • Bulk upload raw clockings and timelogs.
  • Create, amend or delete clockings.
  • View the approval statuses of clockings made

T&A Overview_Clockings.jpg


Working Schedule

The Working Schedule contains all the created shifts for each employee on each day. In this section, users can:

  • Generate Shifts based on the Schedule Generator
  • Make changes to shifts generated or create new shifts
  • Publish a Schedule with an email notification to the employees.
  • Download reports and a Visual copy of the schedule.

T&A Overview_WSchedule.jpg


More information on the Working Schedule can be found here.


Review & Approve

The Review & Approve section is where the comparison is made by the system of the clocking made by the employee and the shift published for them. From this, Talexio will let you know if there is anything you need to know before Approving the hours as Basic and/or Overtime. From here users can:

  • Approve the clockings made.
  • Complete missing time with Leave.
  • Transfer Overtime to Banked hours.
  • Download reports based on the raw or approved clockings.

T&A Overview_review.jpg


More information on the Review & Approve section can be found here.


Schedule generator

In the Schedule Generator you can configure the shifts to be given to an employee according to their Job Schedule and department. These configurations can be done on a fixed or rotational basis. Once these are configured, you may generate them in the Working Schedule. 

T&A Overview_ScheduleGen.jpg


For more information on how to use the Schedule generator click here


Shift Templates

Here, you can create the shifts which can then be used to allocate to your employees in the Schedule Generator and Working schedule. 

T&A Overview_Shifttemplates.jpg


For more information on how to create a shift template, click here.


Job Schedules

A Job Schedule is a summary of the employees’ weekly days and hours. In the Job Schedule section you will create these different Job Schedules so they can be assigned to employees.

T&A Overview_JobSchedule.jpg


For more information on how to create Job Schedules, click here


Work Locations

Setting up a Work Location will enable the system to identify from where the employees punch in. You will provide Talexio the coordinates of the location, so that when an employee punches in, it can be reflected at that Work Location or outside of it based on the geolocation data provided from the employee's device.

T&A Overview_worklocation.jpg


For more information on how to set these up, click here


Lateness Penalties

Lateness Penalties can be set up to deter employees from punching in late and to impact wither their payroll or leave balances should lateness occur. 

T&A Overview_lateness.jpg


For more information on how to set Lateness Penalties up, click here.


Shift Allowances

Shift Allowances are allowances given to employees working on certain shifts. Within Talexio, Shift Allowances can be set up in such a way that they can be pro rated based on certain time periods, given as fixed monetary amounts or percentages.

T&A Overview_allowances.jpg


To learn how to create Shift Allowances, click here


Working Schedule Needs

Working Schedule Needs can be set to ensure that a certain number of shifts are covered at each location depending on the required position. If the minimum required number of shifts is not met, a warning will be displayed in the Working Schedule.

T&A Overview_schedule needs.jpg


For more information on the Working Schedule Needs, click here.


Clocking Devices

The final tab Clocking Devices is relevant to those who have purchased the physical punch clock. This tab shows the devices linked to the account.

T&A Overview_device.jpg


For more information about it, click here


You are now ready to start looking into the Time & Attendance module in more detail! A good place to start is by looking into creating the Shift Templates that will eventually be included in the Working Schedule

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