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The People section on Talexio displays each of your company's employees, along with some details taken from their Personal and/or Employment Position information. The People section includes filters to help you customise your view. 



To use filters in the People section, you will need the View All Employee Data permission. Having Manage All Employee Data will allow you to download reports from the People section.

People Page

The People Page can be customised using the columns and filters can be applied to the page so that the information you wish to be visible will be shown on the page.

  • You can click on the Filter button to see the filters that can be applied:

    The date-based filters determine who is shown in the list. When dates are provided in Date From and Date To fields, it will display the information of the employees according to the provided dates. 

    In order to filter on any terminated employees, you need to add Terminated to the date-based filter. Employees who have been terminated (as at the current date) will have a small 'X' next near their name.

  • In addition to the filters, you may also select what type of data is displayed in this page in the columns. You may display employees' name, surname, ID card number, position, start date, salary, etc. To set these, click on Columns and search for the fields you would like to see.

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Searching for Employees

On the People page, using the search button will only yield results that match the current filters.

If you wish to search for an employee regardless of their position status (that is, without amending any filters), you can use the general search button on the top right hand corner of your screen which appears in any page of the system.

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