Swapping Shifts on the Working Schedule

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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Once your employer has set up the working schedule for a given day/week/month, you may wish to switch a shift with one of your colleagues. 

It is important to note that only Shifts in the future can be swapped



To be able to swap shifts, you will need the View T&A Working Schedule permission.

Swapping Shifts

Swapping a shift can be done by going to the Working Schedule in the Time & Attendance section. Click on the three dots of your shift that you wish to swap. You will see an option Request Swap. 

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Select this and you will be able to click on the shift you want take instead from the employees that you have visibility of.


NOTE: When a swap is requested, you are requesting the shift in its completion. For example, if a swap has been requested for your shift on a Friday for another employee's shift on the Tuesday, you will be given the same shift on the Tuesday and they will be given your shift on Friday.


You may not swap a shift with another if this will cause an overlap with your own shifts or with the other person's. In such cases, the HR manager or System Administrator will need to manually amend shift details.

Shift Swap Approval Process

Once you send a request for a swap, the employee with whom you wish to swap will receive an email to accept/reject this request. 

If accepted, your relevant manager will receive an email to approve the swap.



Your manager can see the request as notification in the Requests section too, and will have to approve this swap. 



Once approved, you will receive an email: