Release Notes 01/09/2021

  • Updated


  • Introduced SignRequest integration. SignRequest is a secure and legally binding electronic signature tool that allows you and your colleagues to sign important documents quicker without the need to print them. Our customers can now choose between Docusign and Signrequest for electronic signatures.
  • Added a 'reports to' field in the position history. Users can now choose who each employee reports to, if any.  


  • Improved leave booking system when off and rest days are present in the job schedule. Employees who book leave on such days will see a dedicated row for that specific date with 0 hours included.



  • Over the past weeks we’ve made significant improvements to the loading time of the Payslip Generation process. We are planning to extend these improvements to most reporting functions. 
  • Improved clarity of warnings when unlocking or changing locked payrolls/payslips.
  • Improved clarity of error validations when adding employees with missing details to payroll.


Time and Attendance

  • Improved loading times in the Time Tracking section by 60%. 
  • The unpaid break in a shift is now included in the approval block of the new review & approve page.
  • Unpublish and clear functions in scheduler now include a date range.
  • Manual clockings can be added directly through the review & approve page.
  • In the coming days we shall be completely replacing the old “review & approve tab” with the new one.



  • Improvement in course session reports. A new tick box has been added to give a more detailed report, including the list of attendees. This is only available in PDF format.

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