Personalised Rotation Patterns

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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Personalised Rotation Patterns are used in many industries where an employee is assigned shifts based on a pattern of work. A common example of this is someone who is assigned to work Day Shift, Night Shift, Rest & Off. These patterns are usually assigned to a number of employees to make sure there is always someone present for each shift type. This article shows how these can be created on Talexio and assigned to employees. 


To be able to use this feature, you will need the following permissions:

  • Manage T&A Working Schedules;
  • Manage Time and Attendance Settings;
  • View/Manage All Employee Data;
  • Manage Employment Position History or Manage Employment Position History (excluding remuneration).

Creating a Personalised Rotation Pattern

To build a rotation pattern, the shift Shift Templates needed in the pattern must first be created on Talexio. You can see how this is done in this article.

Once the Shift Templates are created, they can be assigned to a Rotation Pattern. To begin, you will need to go to the Schedule Generator and turn on the toggle to switch to Personalised Rotation view.

Personalised Rotation View.jpg


From here you can begin creating the new pattern by clicking + Add New under the Personalised Rotation Templates.

Personalised Rotation Create.jpg


You will be asked to name the new Rotation Pattern and then build the pattern by clicking the + Add New to add the first shift in the pattern.

Personalised Rotation Create 2.jpg


From the Type field, you can select the option of Shift to choose a shift template, Rest or Off for the part of the pattern you are creating. If shift is selected, then you can choose the relevant shift template already added to Talexio.

Personalised Rotation Create 3.jpg

Personalised Rotation Create 4.jpg


This process would be repeated to complete the pattern until the pattern needs to return to its start position. An example is shown below for a Day Shift, Night Shift, Rest & Off pattern.


Once saved, the pattern can be assigned to employees as explained in the next section.


Assigning a Personalised Rotation Pattern

Upon creation of an employee, you may assign a personalised rotation shift to the employee. 

To assign a rotation shift to an employee upon creation of their profile, you need to go to the Time & attendance tab in the employment position.


On the right hand side of the dialog box, you will need to switch on the 'Use personalized rotation' toggle. 

Next, set the start date for the rotation shift (i.e. the employee's first shift) and select a personalized rotation template. These can be set up from the shift templates tab in the Scheduler section. 


Select the first rotation shift and press save. You will then need to generate the roster. Based on the rotation pattern set, the rotation will carry on from the last day of the rotation. 


Once the Personalised Rotation Pattern has been assigned, you can generate the Working Schedule for this person based on the pattern created and assigned.