How do I schedule overtime in a roster?

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In order to start generating a schedule, you will firstly need to set up the shift templates, that is, the pattern of work of your employees. For more information on creating your first shift template, click here.

Such shifts can be created for a number of hours. Going beyond these scheduled hours can result in overtime. However, there might be cases where your employees know about the overtime they are going to work before the schedule is generated. In other words, the overtime is pre-determined. 



To schedule overtime shifts, you will require the Manage Time and Attendance Settings permission set on global. If you need to add an adhoc shift or edit a current shift, you will need the Manage T&A Working Schedule permission. 


Set up

You may set scheduled overtime from the shift templates. When adding/editing a shift template, go to the overtime and rounding tab and switch on 'scheduled overtime shift'.

Doing so will calculate all clocked hours linked to this shift as overtime. 


They will get approved as overtime in the review and approve section: