Release Notes 07/10/2021

  • Updated

General update

  • During this sprint we’ve made several improvements addressing loading times. Talexio is growing with many new users being onboarded on a daily basis and we remain focused on scaling up to the increased usage. The following are some of the speed related improvements in this release.
    • Improved cloud infrastructure.
    • Several bulk jobs, such as generating payslips and producing large reports, have been optimised for speed.
    • The introduction of a new mechanism to reduce loading times throughout the entire platform.
  • We are giving special attention to the Payroll section to ensure that editing payslips is a smoother experience. See further updates on this in the Payroll changes below.
  • Our new Performance Management module is well under way and we aim to have the first version available by the end of the year.



  • Users can now add a list of language proficiencies to their profile. This will allow employers to keep track of the languages spoken by their employees, as well as the proficiency of such. A new filter has also been added to the People section to allow easier traceability of the employees’ languages. 
  • We have moved the announcements module into the main menu bar, allowing easier access. 
  • We've improved the daily leave email notifications by rearranging their contents, making the email clearer to read and more easily understandable. 
  • A new category “work permits” has  been added to the employee documents upload section;
  • We’ve improved the Resources section so that it is now easier to link resources to multiple units. 
  • We have removed the 15 minute delay for permission changes to come into effect - Permission updates are now applied immediately. 
  • We’ve improved checklist handling when attachments are included within a task. Now, when a user uploads an attachment, the icon will update to indicate that an upload has been attached.


  • The Payment report can now be downloaded in excel format
  • The process speed to generate and edit payslips in bulk has been optimized.
  • We’ve added ‘country’ in the address field in the FS3 documents for foreign employees.  
  • After editing anything within a payslip, you will need to press calculate and save in order for the payslip to reflect the changes. This will reduce lag time. 
  • We have separated the lock and save buttons on the payslip.

Time and Attendance

  • If you populate the working schedule by means of the bulk upload template, you may now add the shift’s time in and time out directly through the template. 

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