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After uploading employees onto Talexio, you may wish to download a report of all/some employees containing specific data fields in Excel format. This can be done in the People section as well as creating Report Templates and scheduling Reports to be sent via email.


Manage All Employee Data is required for access to the Reports within the People section.

People Section Reports

  • To generate a new report, from the People section, click on Reports and then click on Generate a New Report.

    People Reports.jpg

    When you are presented with the dialog box, complete the box with the desired fields under Report Settings and the desired filters under Date-based filters. Then click on Generate to download your report.

    People Reports 2.jpg

  • If you have a report that you will need to generate on a regular basis, you can create a report template, so that you do not have to re-apply the fields and filters each time you wish to create the report. To create a Report Template in the People Section, you need to:

    1. Click on Reports and then click on Generate a New Report.
      People Reports.jpg
    2. Add your Report Settings and Date Based Filters. Then click Save Report Template.
      People Reports Template.jpg
    3. Save the Report Template with a name that will be recognisable to you at a future time. Then click Save.
    4. The Report Template saved will now be easily accessible from the People page when you click on Reports. When you click on the Report Template, all the details from Step 2 will be present so all you need to do is click Generate.
      People Reports Template 2.jpg
    5. To delete a Report Template, you can click on the saved template and in the top right you will see a delete icon which will template shown.
      People Reports Template 4.jpg

    Report Templates can be overwritten or cloned by accessing the Report Template and making the needed changes. When you click on Save Report Template, a toggle is presented to Save as a new template. Turned on will create a new Report Template with the name provided. Turned off will overwrite the Report Template under the same name.

    People Reports Template 3.jpg

  • Building on the Report Templates feature, you can setup an instruction in the system to automatically generate and send saved Report Templates to selected employees.

    Employees receiving the report will need to have their 'Work Email Address' saved in their profile.

    To schedule Report Templates, you will need to:

    1. Click on Reports button on the People page and then click on Scheduled reports.
      Scheduled Reports.jpg
    2. Click on the + Add New to show the set up dialog.
      Scheduled Reports 2.jpg

    3. Fill out your details and choose your repeat period "Weekly or Monthly", then your "Repeat day" and move on to your "Receivers". There is also the option to set up a dynamic date range for the report. Once complete click on Schedule Report.
      Scheduled Reports 3.jpg

    4. Once saved, the report will be generated and sent to the specified employees in their Work Email Address mailbox with the report name as the subject. In the email will be the report attached as an excel file.
    5. Scheduled Report rules can be changed and deleted by going to the Scheduled Reports and clicking on the edit or delete icon.
      Scheduled Reports 4.jpg

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