Clockings summary in payslip

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If your employees use the online punch clock or the physical punch clock to log their hours worked, then you have the option to send a breakdown of such hours to them along with their payslip.

This toggle switch is accessible from the Settings section under the Client settings tab.



To be able to switch on this setting, you will need to have the 'Manage client settings' permission. To view and send payslips you will need the 'Manage payroll' permission


How to switch on the setting


Scroll to the bottom until you see 'Include clocking summary in payslip'. Switching this on will add a breakdown of the employee's clockings to their payslip. This only applies to employees who have time & attendance enabled.


The Payslip

Once generating a payslip, if the employee has approved clockings and/or overtime attached to the payslip, then they will see a summary of such hours at the bottom of the payslip:


Please note, this is added as a separate page after the standard payslip. Switching off the toggle in the settings section will disable this function. If this toggle is switched off and/or the employee does not have time and attendance enabled, then the employee will only see a standard one-page payslip. 


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