Release Notes 21/10/2021

  • Updated

General update

  • In previous updates we introduced a new mechanism to reduce loading times throughout the entire platform. Following this, we have now made further optimisations in all sections.
  • We have increased the default number of days for the login 'Remember me' checkbox from 10 to 30 days. You can now change this to any number of days that suits your company from the settings section.




  • The payment report now includes an overall total when executing both manual and direct payments.
  • We’ve added new fields for adjustment names, overtime and special rates, and shift allowances when exporting payroll reports in both PDF and XLSX.
  • We’ve modified the bulk upload screen for payroll. It is now easier to read with improved fonts, fields and layout.
  • We’ve introduced a new setting where payslips now include a summary of the attached clockings. 
  • New feature: payroll history. You can now access the full payroll history for an individual directly from the people dashboard. This requires the Manage Payroll permission.
  • Payroll reports now include foreign currencies.


Time and attendance

  • We’ve now made it possible to see which time entries were added through the online timer/punch clock device and which ones were manually added.
  • The online punch clock now allows your employees to optionally attach a label or reference to their punches. This can be used to keep track of work on specific projects or issues.
  • The online punch clock is now also available on the dashboard so your users can find it on the very first screen when they open the Talexio mobile or desktop app!


  • We have added filters in the courses page to allow you to filter through courses more easily. This also includes an employee and employee code list as well as date range filters.
  • We’ve also introduced a new search bar that will allow you to search in the courses page.
  • Attendance lists can now be downloaded and printed per course session for improved employee tracking.

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