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When using Talexio, you may wish to record the perks that your employees are entitled to. Such perks are not included in the payroll, but can be seen in the employment position information. Perks can be anything that is given to the employee but would not be included in their payslips such as equipment, discounts, insurances etc. 


In order to add new, or manage existing Perks, you will need the Manage Benefits permission on Global level.
If you want to add Perks to an employee's position, you will need the 
Manage employment position history permission, as well as either the View all employee data or Manage all employee data permissions.


Creating and Managing Perks

Perks need to be created on the system before they can be assigned to an employee's employment position. To create new Perks or to manage existing Perks, you will need to go to Settings on the left hand side and click on the Perks tab. 


From there you can click on + Add New Perk to create a new Perk where you can complete the name of the Perk and optionally a description.

Example Perk.jpg


Adding a Perk to an Employee

  1. Go to the employee's employment position and click on the Remuneration Package tab.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Perks header. Click '+Add Perks' to add a perk as well as an optional start and end date.
    Adding a Perk.jpg

    If a date range is supplied, the Perk will be shown as given to the employee during that specific date range. If the date range is left empty, then it is shown that during the employment period the Perk has been given to the employee.

  3. Once the Perk has been added, click Save.

As well as seeing the Perk in the position itself, you may then view the employee's Perks from their Employment tab by clicking on View Benefits, Perks & Salary.

View Perks.jpg

Active Perks.jpg

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