Setting up Multiple Approvers for Clockings

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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If you have the Time & attendance module enabled, and if you have the approve time clocking permission, then you will be able to access the Review & approve section. You may also enable multiple approvers for clockings. This article explains how this is completed



To set up Multiple Approvers, you will need the Manage Permissions permission. To be able to approve clockings, you will need the Approve Time Clocking permission. 

Setting up Multiple Approvers

The setting up of multiple approvers is made from the Permissions section. Select the Access Level/employee to which you will be adding/editing the approval quota. 

Select how many people are to approve the clockings and press save.

You will see a number near the permission:

Note: This can be assigned to a specific employee, unit or as global. The permission needs to be assigned to both approvers.


Clocking Approval Process

When this is set up, if the approver accesses the Review & Approve section from Time & Attendance and is approving shifts, a new message will appear saying: “Shift hours approved by you, waiting for more approvals”.

Trying to approve the same shift will result in the following notification: ”There are no pending shifts to approve”.

When the 2nd approver logs in to Talexio and goes to the Review & Approve section, the shift will be visible for the 2nd approver to approve. When complete, a notification will appear saying: “1 shifts has been approved”. 


When approved by the 2nd approver, the shift will appear in the reviewed section and can now be processed for payroll.