Creating and Viewing Company Reporting Lines

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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Your company might constitute one or more departments with multiple employees within them. Each employee might report to a particular manager or superior. You can define this when setting up your employees' position histories, and you may then view and export the Reporting Lines structure.


If you want to edit an employee's position to update the 'reports to' employee, you will need the Manage Employment Position History permission or the Manage Employment Position History (excluding remuneration) permission.
To view the Reporting Structure, you will need the permission View Reporting Lines.


Creating your Reporting Lines

Talexio allows you to build your Reporting Lines based on the information added to employee employment positions.

Reports to.jpg

When employees have their 'reports to' field completed, you can extract from Talexio your Reporting Lines structure.


Viewing and Exporting your Reporting Lines

To view and export a copy of your Reporting Lines, you will need to go to the Settings section and click on the Organisation tab. From there click on Show reporting lines.

Reporting Lines.jpg


This will present on screen your Reporting Lines based on the data from the employee employment positions. When shown, you can also click on the Export button on the page to download the structure as a .png file.

Reporting Lines Structure.jpg

The Reporting Lines structure can also be filtered so that if you wish to see the Reporting Lines for a specific employee, you can filter on them and it will show all those who report to them.

Reporting Lines Filter.jpg

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