Automatic overtime for fixed employees who work more than their job schedule hours

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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You may have employees whose job schedule is a fixed one (for example 40 hours/week) and who are eligible for overtime. If such employees work beyond their job schedule hours (for example, they work 41 hours during a particular week), then these additional hours can be automatically added to overtime in Review and approve.

To set this up, follow the below steps:

People section

  1. Select the desired employee and select his/her employment position; 
  2. Edit the position and go to the time & attendance tab; 
  3. Select 'use fixed job schedule hours limit'.


Time & Attendance

Next, go to the Time & Attendance section and go to Review and approve. 

Locate the clocking of the employee who worked more than his/her job schedule hours and select the Review icon to approve this clocking:

The excess hours will automatically be saved as overtime. 

Select Approve & close.