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Permissions determine what you can and cannot see/do on Talexio. It is important to set these up correctly. Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up permissions. The Assign Roles permission is a specific permission that will allows users the ability to grant specific permission roles to employees. This is useful for users who need to create employees but are not allowed Manage Permission rights (as the Manage Permission permission can only be granted on global). 



To be able to give employees permissions, you will need the Assign Roles permission. When this permission is initially set up for the user (you will need Manage Permissions to set this up), you will need to choose what permission roles the user will be allowed to grant to employees. 

How to set up

Go to the Permissions section and click on the Permissions tab to be able to filter by permission name. Fro the search bar, search for Assign Roles and click on it:

Click on +Assign Employee to add employees to this permission:


Select the user you want to give the Assign Permissions permission to, decide whether this permission will be assigned globally (i.e., the user will be able to assign specific permission roles to anyone within the company), or per unit/employees (i.e., the user will be able to assign specific permission roles to these units/employees only). 

Then select which permission roles the user will be able to grant:  


Click Add.

Assigning Roles

After assigning this permission, the user will see the Roles module instead of the Permissions module. Through here, the user will be able to assign the selected roles to employees: 


Please note that if a user has permission to assign a specific role, that employee will also be able to remove such role.