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By default, users on Talexio with basic team member permissions can request leave for any given date. However, if it is your company's policy for employees to give a certain number of days notice between leave booking and the start of the leave request, this can be setup on Talexio using the steps in this article.


You will need the Manage Client Settings permission. Please note that this needs to be set on global.

Setting up Minimum Leave Notice

  1. Go to the Client Settings tab in Settings section and scroll down until you see the System field.

    Each business unit has its own setting. Remember to switch between units from the top of the page to apply the setting accordingly.

  2. Click on the edit icon near Minimum Leave Notice and input the number of days.
  3. Press Save Changes.

    Minimum Leave Notice.jpg

If you need to revert back to same day booking and remove the notice, you will need to edit the number of days to 0.

Booking Leave

When booking leave, if the user tries to book leave within the days specific in the setting, the leave will not be booked:

Minimum Leave Notice Error.jpg

If you have the Approve Leave permission on the same person(s) whom you are requesting leave for (yourself or someone else) then the minimum leave notice setting is bypassed.

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