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Employees who do not work on a fixed schedule can accumulate leave on the hours they work. On Talexio, you can enable the option for leave to accumulate on each leave type. For more information on Leave Types, click here.  

Accumulated leave is the leave that a non-full time employee amasses over the period of their employment. This is calculated as number of hours worked in a period multiplied by the total leave entitlement.

For example: employee A has worked 70 hours in a month. Therefore, Employee A's accumulated leave in that month amounts to: 

70*224 (full leave entitlement)/2080 (total hours worked in a year by a full time employee) = 7.54 hours. This is then added to an employee's accumulated leave in their leave balance pod when the payroll is locked.

Please note that this is only applicable if you have the Payroll module.



  1. Permissions
  2. Job Schedule set up
  3. Leave Types set up
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You will need the Manage Leave Types permission. Please note that this needs to be set on global. 

Job Schedule set up

Prior to setting the setting for each Leave Type, you will need to make sure the Job Schedules are correctly set up. Click here for detailed information on setting up job schedules to accumulate leave.


Leave Types set up

To set up a leave type to accumulate leave, go to the Leave Types tab in the Leave section. In each Leave type row you will find a button titled Accumulates. Switch this on.


When this is switched on, the payslip dialog will reflect the hours accumulated and the tally in the accumulated column in the leave section of your employees.



For information on leave balances, click here

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