Confirming that your clocking device is connected to the internet

Talexio Tech-Support
Talexio Tech-Support
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At times, you might encounter a situation where your clocking device is not connected to your network. This will result in missing clockings in your CDM or on Talexio.

In order to confirm that your clocking device is connected to your network, please follow these instructions:

  1. On the main screen, there are 2 small icons on the top right-hand corner. This will give you the first indication. If one of the icons has a globe notification on it, and the connection icon is not covered by a red cross, this means that your device is correctly configured.


  2. If, however, both icons are covered with a red cross, this means that your device probably has a connection issue and you will need to check out the next steps:


  3. Log in with your "Super administrator" account.

    Note: These credentials were forwarded to you by one of our team members, if lost kindly contact us for assistance.

  4. Go to "Comm." settings and tap on "Ethernet"



The "IP Address" field would have 4 set of numbers, for example; and the "DHCP" toggle should be on.


Note: this varies depending on how your device was set up. Kindly contact us for assistance should you need further clarification.

Should your settings look like the below and remain like so after following these instructions, kindly contact our support staff for further assistance.