Performance Management - Review Criteria

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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Through the introduction of the Performance Management Module, users can create and assign performance reviews for managers, colleagues, and themselves to undertake.  This article explains what Review Criteria are and how to set them up



The permission needed to create/edit/delete Review Criteria is Manage Performance Strategies and Criteria. This permission needs to be granted on Global for the access to be granted.


What are Review Criteria?

Review Criteria are the basis for a Review. Within a review, these different criteria will be used to measure the performance of an employee. The Criteria can be grouped into Categories. Both Criteria and Categories are created by yourself and so the reviews are completely made according to your company performance policies.


Creating Criteria

The third tab in this section, Review Criteria, is where the range of items to be assessed in the performance review are set up. There are 2 steps to creating the Review Criteria on Talexio:

  1. Create Review Criteria Categories
  2. Create Review Criteria


Create Review Criteria Categories

To create and manage Criteria Categories, from the Review Criteria tab, you will need to select Manage Categories.


Here, you would need to set up the categories that the review criterion can then be grouped under. To add a category simply click Manage Categories and then click Add a Criterion Category.  These categories can be modified and/or deleted.


Create Review Criteria

After adding the necessary categories, click on Manage Criteria. 

Click Add a review criterion: 


Here you will need to add the name of the criterion, assign it to a category, choose whether the rating will be a Yes/No question, a Comment and/or 5, 7, or 10-Scale Likert. When you complete the Default Units field, when creating an Automation Strategy for one or all units listed, this Review Criteria will automatically be added.



The criteria can be modified and/or deleted as necessary.

Next, we move on to the Automation Strategies tab. 


More information on the Performance Management Module can be seen in our Webinar on the module.