How to automatically remove Talexio terminated employees from a clocking device via CDM

Talexio Tech-Support
Talexio Tech-Support
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1. Log in to your CDM account


Note: Log-in credentials are given directly from our support team, kindly get in touch should you require them.

2. Go to "Cloud sync"


3. Click on the "Host" address3.png

4. A new option is available named "Automatically delete terminated employees from this FTP", switch on by checking the check box.4.png

Note: Employee list will automatically update within one-hour, should you like to update instantly click on the menu.


Other notes;

1. Employee list will automatically update when employees are terminated

2. Employees with a future termination date will be deleted one day after set termination date. This is to allow the employee to punch in/out on the last scheduled working day.