Release notes 09/02/2022

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
  • Updated

In this release we have added various functions for employee onboarding as well as bulk upload features in Talexio. You can now trigger numerous commands from the same window without interrupting your flow. 



  • The “Create employee” permission has been improved to give more flexibility to Talexio users. Users with this permission are now able to also add a position to created employees. However, should the step to add an employee position be skipped upon creation, the user will still be allowed to attach the first position for that employee. Remuneration packages still require the “Manage employment position history” permission.
  • New field type ‘dropdown’ introduced to custom fields. In our custom fields section, Talexio users will find the option to set a dropdown menu option which can be included in employee positions.
  • We have added a new filter in the historical activity which allows you to view changes by the affected employees.



  • We have optimised FS7 generation by moving it to a background job. This offers improved performance for our payroll clients.
  • We have updated our payslip PDF file when containing multiple entries for adjustments, overtime hours and special rates. Now, when exceeding the default number of entries, each section will be split accordingly in the following page.
  • We have added the availability for ER Pensions as a category in our benefits section.



  • In our previous release we introduced “Open shifts”. These can now be allocated to specific units when being created.



  • We have improved our approval step in T&A. Shift allowances have more allocation flexibility for employees which do not base their payroll on approved scheduler hours but have shift allowances allocated to their schedule.
  • T&A reports now include a new download option where Talexio users can exclude, include or individually download clockings that include third party contractors.

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