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Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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One of the modules offered on Talexio is the Training module. This section gives users a number of possibilities, such as:

  • Creating courses (which can be later subdivided in modules and sessions);
  • Inviting users to sessions;
  • Recording attendance sheets;
  • Extracting reports;
  • Storing training related documents on the system;
  • Comparing employees' qualifications and competencies with employer expectations. 


The Training section comprises 5 different tabs, namely:

  • Courses;
  • Course categories;
  • Competencies;
  • Competency categories; and
  • Qualifications. 



This first tab is where you will create and eventually find a list of all the courses relevant to your company. Each course can be added individually by clicking on +Add course or in bulk using the onboarding assistant

It is important to note that before creating a course, you will need to set up the course categories (see below). 

Each course features it's own mini-dashboard with data such as: 

  • Total cost;
  • Documents related to the course which can be uploaded;
  • Sessions and learning modules;
  • Upcoming sessions; and 
  • Past sessions. 


The first thing you would need to do in this section is to add modules and sessions. Following that, you would need to schedule a session

Each session then has it's own detailed view:


Course categories

The second tab in the Training section is Course categories. This tab is very straightforward. All you need to do click on +Add category. 




Competencies & Competency categories

In this section, you can create a list of the different competencies which your employees are required to have. Like courses, competencies also need to be assigned a category. For more information on competencies, click here



In this section, you can create a list of the different qualifications which your employees are required to have. For more information on qualifications, click here.


From the courses tab, you may also download reports. For more information, click here


Training dashboard

Each employee will be able to see a personalised training dashboard (as a separate tab in their main dashboard):



If you would like to a demo on this module, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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