Uploading Shifts without a Shift Template

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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The Working Schedule is a daily/weekly/monthly calendar allowing users with the correct permissions to view and manage shifts for their employees. 

If you want to upload shifts in bulk for their employees without having to create Shift Templates, this article explains the process to follow.



To make use of this section, you will need the Manage Time and Attendance Settings (set on global) and Manage T&A Working Schedules permissions.


Uploading Shifts without a Shift Template

To complete this process, you will need to use the Bulk Upload template feature of the Working Schedule. This can be found from Time & Attendance in the Working Schedule. You will see a 3 dot burger menu from which you can click on Upload schedule to download the template.

Bulk Upload Schedule.jpg


When the dialog opens, you will need to click on Download template.

Bulk Upload Schedule Download.jpg


Open the template and insert the following details:

  • Employee - Use the dropdown menu provided to select the relevant employee.
  • Date Columns - To add the shift into the relevant dates, select the cell under the column of the date. You will need to add the details of the shift in the format below:
    {Shift Start Time}#{Shift End Time}#{Cost Centre Name}#{Work Location Name}

Note: This is an example, the details should match that of your company. Your shift template would look like the below.

Bulk Upload Schedule Excel.jpg


To upload these shifts to the Working Schedule, you will need to save the file and from the Working Schedule, from the 3 dot burger menu where the template was downloaded, you will click on Upload File and select the completed file.

Bulk Upload Schedule Upload.jpg

Bulk Upload Schedule 2.jpg


Note: Shift which are uploaded this way are created with 0 minutes of unpaid break, edit the shift should you need to include this field.

Uploads are added into the Working Schedule in an Unpublished state. Therefore once added you need to publish your shifts.