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Nowadays, company branding is key. Your employees can now create email signatures instantly on Talexio. This is very easy to use and quick to set up.


  1. Permissions.
  2. How to set up email signatures.


You need to ensure that you have the "View company resources" permission to have access to this feature. This can be assigned through the permissions module.

Note: We are also able to configure some preset settings for clients so that you have a ready-made email signature. Contact us if you are interested in this feature.

How to set up email signatures

  1. Go to the Resources section and click on "Email signatures".1.png
  2. Fill out your details.2.png

    Note: Some fields might be auto-filled from your employee profile.

  3. Fill out the signature style details.


    Note: Be sure to add https:// before each URL inserted.

    The email preview on the right-hand side will be updated whilst the details are being inserted.

    Logos would need to be uploaded prior to being included in the signature.

  4. When complete, you will have the option to either copy the signature itself or utilise the HTML format.


    Note: This depends on your companies mail client settings and functionality may vary from one client to another.

  5. When imported, your own unique signature will be included in each email.



Note: Images are only used as correspondence. Get in touch with our support team should you require assistance or further clarification