Saving reporting templates for the People page

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Talexio Tech-Support
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When using the People section, you might notice a button titled reports. This will allow the saving of report templates with customised fields for easy access. 


  1. Permissions.
  2. How to generate.


You need to ensure that you have the 'Manage all employee data' permission. 

How to generate

1.  When in the People section, click on "Reports" located at the top. There will be an option titled "Generate a new report".


2. A dialog will open. This will allow you to set your default values for the selected report. Once done with your selection, click on "Save report template" and name your report.


Note: You can continue to add more reports for easy access.3.png

3. When complete, under "Reports" a list with the saved templates will become available.4.png

Note: Fields can be added or removed from saved templates, remember to always click on "Save report template" when doing so.

4. Simply select your template and click on "Generate report".


Note: Users can also delete existing templates by clicking on the "Delete" icon located at the top right hand corner of each individual template.