Creating payroll groups and assigning your employees to them

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Your company's payroll might include dozens of employees. Or maybe you just like to have your payroll structured in a certain way. Payroll grouping is a function that will help you greatly in this regard.


  1. Permissions.
  2. Creating groups.
  3. Assigning employees to your groups.


You need to ensure that you have the 'manage payroll' permission in order to make use of this function.

Creating groups

There are two ways to create groups.

Option 1: From "Add employee" dialog

On adding employees to a payroll, on the left-hand side a new option will be available titled "Grouping". 


Option 2: From "Edit" payroll functions

If a payroll already has employees included, when selecting all the employees, the option to "Create a group" will be located at the top of the screen.


1. Click on "Add employees" and select the employees you want to add to the first group.3.png

2. Scroll down and locate "Grouping", name your group.


3. Click on "Add" to create the group with the selected employees and the added title.


Note: It is also possible to color code your groups for better visibility.

Grouping is not mandatory and all previous payroll functionalities remain active.


Assigning employees to your groups.

1. Click on "Add employees" and select the employees you want to add to current groups.


2. Scroll down and locate "Grouping" options.


Note: By default the toggle to create a new group will be "On". Be sure to turn "Off"

3. Once "Off", select your previously created group from the list and click on "Add".


This will update the employee list of the selected group.


Note: New groups can be created by following the above instructions from the start.