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Checklists are a great tool to get organised and delegate work to your colleagues. If you want more information on this module, click here. But for now, let's get into introducing the checklist popper menu.


  1. Permissions.
  2. Checklist menu.
  3. Change Assignee/invite new user functionality.


You need to ensure that you have the 'manage checklists' permission in order to make use of this function. Having the 'manage checklist templates' permission is also needed if you want to make use of the templates function. 

Checklist menu

Near each checklist item, you will notice the below menu:


Below we will go in detail on the process of assigning/inviting new users to your Talexio portal from this menu.


Change assignee/invite new user functionality


When utilising this command, a new dialog will appear. Through this dialog users can assign checklist items to current employee list by selecting the said employee and then clicking on the "Assign" button.


There is also the possibility to invite new users to Talexio. This is done by pressing on the "+" icon available next to the employee field name.


Clicking on this icon will display a new dialog which allows users to insert the new employee details including their work email address and their role within the company.


When complete, an email will be sent to the user to set a password for their account so it can be accessed.


Note: The user is created in Talexio straight away, however, no position will be assigned as this is a different process. Click here for more information on adding positions