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Allowance requests gives your employees the ability to ask for an allowance through the system. 



In order to add a benefit as an allowance, you will need the Manage allowance permission. With this permission Talexio users can:

  • Add company allowances;
  • View allowance requests;
  • Create allowance requests;
  • Edit allowance requests;
  • Delete allowance requests;
  • Approve allowance requests;
  • Reject allowance requests; and
  • Confirm deletion of allowance requests after being approved.

In order to manage allowances the Manage benefits permission is required.

Adding allowances

When adding a new benefit, you may change the benefit from a benefit to an allowance by means of the "Is requestable" switch.

Be sure to select the right type between "Pre-tax" and "Post-tax". 


When "Is requestable" is enabled, 3 new items will appear:

  1. Is requested globally
  2. Allowance input type
  3. Require file upload



When "Is requestable" is not ticked, the allowance request needs to be enabled for individual employees via their employee position. This is located in the Remuneration package tab under "Requestable benefits".


The Manage employee position permission is required to access this tab.


Is requested globally

When "Is requested globally" is enabled, the allowance request will be automatically enabled for all employees:


If an allowance is set as global employees still require the "Request allowance" permission in order to submit an allowance request.

Allowance input type

The allowance input type is the type of allowance the benefit will be based on. This includes 4 options and below is a brief explanation on each;;


Each type includes its own individual value and each value varies between annual amounts and individual amount.

  • km (Kilometeres)

This can be set as a travel allowance for your employees. The amount set for this type of allowance will be per km (kilometer)

  • Monetary

This is set as annual amount for your employees. Can be used for yearly allowances such as; gym, accomodation, fuel or any other expense or perks that your company sees fit.

  • Quantity

This is an allowance set per item where each individual item will have its individual price.

  • Time range

This can be an overtime allowance request that can be requested by individual employees. The amount entered in the benefit is an hourly rate.


Require file upload



When this is enabled, any allowance request sent by your employees would require a file.

A payroll with added allowances would need to be refreshed if an approved allowance request is deleted.


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