Allowance requests: Approving an allowance

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Talexio Tech-Support
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Allowance requests gives your employees the ability to ask for an allowance through the system. 


In order to approve an allowance, you will need the Approve allowance permission. This needs to be assigned to individual employees or existing roles within Talexio. 

With this permission, you may:

  • View allowance requests;

  • Approve an allowance request; and

  • Reject an allowance request

Please note that you will also need the Manage All Employee Data to make use of this permission.

Approving allowances

When this permission is assigned, you will see allowance requests in the Requests section. You will have the option to approve or reject this allowance.


Each approved request will automatically be added to payroll.


Late approved allowances will be included in the current or next payroll.

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