Allowance Requests: Requesting Overtime from Time & Attendance

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Allowance requests gives your employees the ability to ask for an allowance through the system. When Overtime has been clocked by an employee, the Overtime can be requested before it is approved using the Allowance Requests.



To be able to request an overtime allowance, you will need:

Request allowance - This permission can be assigned alone to an employee for the purpose of requesting the overtime. With this permission users can:

  • View allowance requests
  • Create an allowance request from Employee Dashboards
  • Edit a pending allowance request
  • Delete a pending allowance request
  • Request to delete an approved allowance

Approve time clocking - This permission can be assigned to individual employees or through permission roles, to those who may request these allowances on behalf of employees from the Time & Attendance Module. With this permission also, users can:

  • Request overtime approval from the approval dialog in Time & Attendance


Requesting Overtime

From the Employee Dashboard

When an employee has the Request allowance permission alone, they will only be able to Request the Overtime from the Employee Dashboard.

When the employee navigates to Allowance Requests, they can set their filters to refine what they are looking for:

When there is clocked Overtime during this period, an extra button will appear for them to Request the Overtime clocked. By clicking on Clocked Overtime, they can request the Overtime that has already been clocked.


Once the request has been approved, the approved Overtime will be included within the payroll.


From the Time & Attendance Module

When the correct permissions are set, when approving a clocking with overtime, a new tab will be available titled 'Overtime requests'.


When you click on this, you will see the option 'Request overtime'.


Upon clicking, a dialog will appear, click "Apply" to send the request.


When finished, the status of the request will change to "Pending approval"


Approval buttons will be greyed out until the overtime request is approved in the single approval dialog. An error will be displayed if done from the bulk approval dialog.