Editing Personalised Rotation Patterns Templates

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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Within the Time & Attendance module you can create Personalised Rotation Patterns that can be assigned to employees for the generation of the Working Schedule. This article explains how a Personalised Rotation Pattern that has been created can be edited.



To be able to use this feature, you will need the following permissions:

  • Manage T&A Working Schedules;
  • Manage Time and Attendance Settings;
  • View/Manage All Employee Data;
  • Manage Employment Position History or Manage Employment Position History (excluding remuneration).

Editing a Personalised Rotation Pattern

To locate the Personalised Rotation Patterns, you will need to go to the Time & Attendance section, Schedule Generator and turn on the toggle to Switch to Personalised Rotation

Switch to Personlised Rotation.jpg


Click on the "Edit" icon of the personalised pattern to load the edit dialog.

Edit Icon.jpg


From the dialog, you can edit the pattern in the following ways:

  • Edit the name of the Template
  • Add a new day/shift suing the + Add New button
  • Edit an existing day/shift using the Edit icon or Delete icon
  • Use the left had side grab-handle icons to move the shift pattern

Edit Pattern.jpg


Once the pattern has been changed, you can either click Save to overwrite the current pattern with the new changes, or click Save as New to create a new pattern template.

Save Pattern.jpg


Note: When you have overwritten the existing pattern, it would be good to check the employees the pattern is assigned to. This new change may impact already published shifts. You can check who is assigned to the Personalised Rotation Pattern using the People icon next to the pattern.

Save Pattern 2.jpg