Office 365 integration with Talexio ATS

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Talexio ATS (recruitment module) allows the user to integration their Office 365 account to their Talexio account, to view calendar availability and generate Teams video links directly from Talexio when scheduling interviews with candidates.



  1. Configuring Office365 integration by the client's IT team
  2. Setting up Office365 integration
  3. Using Office365 integration
  4. Login Troubleshooting


Configuring Office365 integration by the client's IT team

Step 1: Registering the application in Azure

Register an application from Azure Active Directory / Applications using your domain instead of {your-ats-url}. Use the web redirect URL - https://{your-ats-url}/setup_profile/office365Callback



Step 2: Take note of application details

Take note of the below details for the application you just registered



Step 3: Enable Implicit Grant

Enable Implicit Grant Flow from the Authentication section

  • Access tokens
  • ID tokens



Step 4: Configure application permissions

You will need to next configure the application permissions in Azure by adding the following permissions to the App

  • Login Permissions - The following Delegated permissions are necessary to allow Talexio to detect who the user is based on their Active Directory login. It can be used to grant access into Talexio but is also the base permission necessary to allow other functions. 
    • email
    • profile
  • Calendar Sync Permissions - The following Delegated permissions are necessary to allow for synchronisation of interviews and leave with office 365. The base permissions required for Login are also required. 
    • Calendars.Read
    • Calendars.Read.Shared
    • Calendars.ReadWrite
    • Calendars.ReadWrite.Shared



Step 5: Configuring Talexio ATS

At this point, you will need to provide the Talexio Support Team with the following information;

  • Tenant ID
  • Application/Client ID
  • Application/Client Secret

Please send this information to together with your company name and include subject "ATS Office365 integration".

Once the above is configured and has been confirmed by the Talexio Support Team, the users who will be scheduling the interviews need to allow access to Talexio by following the rest of the instructions outlined in this article.


Setting up Office365 integration by the user

Once the above configuration is done, each user would need to follow these instructions:



  1. Go to your profile by clicking your name on the top left hand side
  2. Click on the Office 365 tab
  3. Click on the "Connect Office365 Account" button
  4. Type in the email address used on Office365 and click Next mceclip1.png
  5. You will need to authorise the requested permissions in the next pop up. If you are not logged in on Office 365, it will first ask you to login
  6. You're now all set up!


Using Office365 integration on Talexio ATS

Once your Talexio account is connected to your Office 365 account, you may:

  1. View your calendar availability when scheduling interviews talexio_office_365_integration_calendar_availability_.gif
  2. Generate a Teams link when the interview type Video is selected. The Teams link will be automatically added to the calendar invite received by all attendees selected for the interview.



Login Troubleshooting

Some users experience an issue with logging in - this may be due to the security zone settings on your windows machine. To resolve this issue, you need to add your Talexio domain to the list of Trusted Sites.

  • Visit Internet Options on your windows machine.
  • Click Trusted Sites
  • Type in your organisation domain
  • Press Add

These Internet Options affect all web browsers on this computer.