Friendly Leave Names

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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Setting up of Friendly names on Talexio is a way of setting default names for more sensitive leave types. This friendly name will then be displayed for employees who can view each other's leave.


Talexio users can edit and view this new field with the Manage leave types permission. This permission must be set on global.

Setting up Friendly Leave Names

  1. Go to the Leave section and click on the Leave Types tab
  2. Click on More and select More options on the leave type you would like to include a friendly name for.
    Friendly Name Setup.jpg

  3. When the more options dialog appears, insert the friendly name you would like employees to see under the field titled "Use friendly name". Click Save
    Friendly Name.jpg

The friendly name will be present in the Calendar and Leave sections. In the Daily Leave Emails it will only be visible to employees with the View other employee leave permission.

Once set up, the leave type will be visible to your employees with the friendly name in place of the actual Leave Type name.

Users that have the Approve leave and Manage leave types permissions will see the actual leave type name. The leave request sent for approval will also include the main leave type name.

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