ATS: Careers site - layout and image dimensions

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The ATS module on Talexio comes in two sections:

  • The backend: where the vacancies, applications, candidates and interviews are managed
  • The careers site: where the vacancies are published and candidate can view and apply for such vacancies


  1. Careers site design
  2. Colour structure
  3. Image dimensions


Careers site design

The layout of the careers page can be found here.

Clients may build their own careers site design by picking and choosing which sections they would like to keep, remove or duplicate, from the existing styles available. 

Once decided, clients should provide the Talexio team with:

  • The list of the sections they would like to keep, together with the order they would like them in
  • Any content, images or assets used for all the sections chosen
  • Hi-res logo in png format, brand colours and font type
  • Footer information:
    • About us content
    • Phone
    • Address
    • Email
    • Social media links


Colour Structure

Your brand primary, secondary and tertiary colours will be implemented on the careers site as follows:

  • primary color = whole buttons such as the search and login buttons
  • secondary color = rounded chips that show underneath the job title (Full time, Remote etc) and read more buttons 
  • tertiary color = job titles, button of headers. We default this to black

Image dimensions

  • Splasher / Banner Image: 2000px by 850px - image to be horizontal in layout

  • Avatar Images (Meet our team): 400px by 400px or any other size ratio, so long as it's a squared image

  • Gallery Images: We can have various sizes here and can range from landscape to portrait-type images. The sizes below are a rough guide:

    • Full width gallery image (large): 1024px by 287px

    • Medium width gallery image: 597px by 243px

    • Small width gallery image: 392px by 240px

  • All images should be saved in a Web optimised format


Other careers site implementation options

Should you like to go for a more customised careers site, we can offer these other implementation options.