Uploading Employee Position Information in Bulk

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Alasdair MacNeill
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At times, you may need to add or change data within an employee's Personal Details or Employment Position in bulk. This article will outline how to do this for multiple employees and even for different sets of data per employee.


  1. Permissions
  2. Bulk Uploads using the Onboarding Assistant
  3. Creating New Positions for Employees
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To upload templates via the onboarding assistant, you will need the Manage All Employee Data permission. This needs to be set on global. 

Bulk Uploads using the Onboarding Assistant

The Onboarding Assistant People template is a versatile tool that will allow you to correct/amend employee data by overwriting the data within the employee profile or current employment position. This is achieved by filling the fields you wish to correct/amend and the employee code. Where there are blank fields in the template, the system will make no changes to the current data stored. 



NOTE: The Employee Code field will need to be added every time you use this template. Without the Employee Code, the system will not know who the information relates to. If an employee does not have an Employee Code yet, this will first need to be added in their Personal Details before the template is uploaded.



Some situations in which you can use this template are:

  • Updating Employee Personal Details (Name, Address, Telephone Number etc.)


  • Updating Employee Employment Position Information (Unit, Position Title, Job Schedule, Salary etc.)


  • Updating Employee T&A Details (Enable T&A, Use Approved Basic Hours, etc.) 
  • Updating Employee Rotation Pattern Information (Use Personalised Rotation Pattern, Template, Start Date, etc.)


If you are unsure if an employee has the information in their details already populated, you can download a Report from the People section to obtain the information. 

Creating New Positions for Employees in Bulk

  • New Positions Based on Salary

Future Position changes based on Salary change can be complete in bulk following the process outlined in this article.

  • New Positions Based on Other Criteria

For any other other Future Position changes based on other employment information, please get in touch with the support team at support@talexio.com to make arrangements for this.

  • Historical Positions

At times you may wish to create new positions for employees in bulk. This may be future positions or even historical positions. If you wish to create historical positions, please get in touch with the support team at support@talexio.com to make arrangements for this.

NOTE: Should you wish to create a new employment position for an employee individually, please take a look at the below articles:


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