Weekly View in Review & Approve

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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The Weekly view is a feature on Talexio that will help you review the clockings of a week more easily. This can be found in Review & Approve tab of the Time & Attendance section.



Once you are in this section, you have the following filtering options:

Weekly View.jpg

  1. Week Starts on - This allows you to amend the day of the week the week begins on.
  2. Week Start Date - Once the Week Start on day has been applied, the dates in this filed will be dependent on the previous filter. For example, if a Monday is selected in the previous filter, then the dates shown will all be Mondays.
  3. Department - This allows you to filter the employee list by the departments/units in your company.
  4. Job Schedule - This allows you to filter the employee list by the Job Schedules in your company.


Once you are satisfied with the date filters, you will see a list of the employees with clockings within this weekly period. 

Weekly View 2.jpg

  1. Employee - You will see the employee name and code. Clicking on the avatar to the left of the employee's name will take you directly to the employee's profile. 
  2. Approved Basic - Here you will see the amount of approved basic hours - if any.
  3. Leave & Public Holidays - You will also see how many hours are made up of leave and how many are made up of public holiday hours.
  4. Total Basic - Here you will see the total basic hours which is the Approved Basic + Leave + Public Holidays hours.
  5. Job Schedule - Here you will see the total hours the employee is expected to work per week as per their Job Schedule. 
  6. Approved OT - Here you will see how many hours of overtime were approved.
  7. Exceptions - Here you will see any exceptions. An exception will appear as a red box with an exclamation mark. Clicking on it will show you what the exception is (for example, it might be that the employee has approved overtime whilst his/her basic hours have not yet matched the job schedule weekly hours. In the below example, the employee has 36 approved basic hours and 1 hour 47 mins approved overtime. But the job schedule is 40 hours weekly. Thus an exception is generated, prompting you to amend the approved clockings. Please note that any comments in the exceptions are merely suggestions.
    A green tick mark means there are no exceptions.