Daily Leave Email

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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The Daily Leave Email is a daily email sent to users' work email address with updates on employees who are on leave each day.


To set up the People Daily Status Email, you will need the Manage Client Settings permission. To be able to receive the daily email, you will require the View Other Employee Leave permission. You will also need to have a work email address set up to receive these emails.

Setting up the Daily Leave Emails

There are 3 different emails that can be received:

  • Daily leave email (Next Day) - This email gives information on who is on leave for the different leave types tomorrow.
  • Daily leave email (Same Day) - This email gives information on who is on leave for the different leave types today.
  • Daily leave requests reminder email - This email gives information of pending leave requests. It is only sent daily to users that have employees that report to them and are able to approve leave.

To set these emails up:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. In the Client Settings tab, locate the Email pod.
  3. Click on the pencil edit icon next to each of the emails you wish to set up.
  4. Add a time of the day you wish to receive the email and click Save Changes

  5. When you add a Daily Leave Email, you will also have the option to exclude any Third Party Contractors from receiving this email also.

Once these have been set up, you will receive an email with the leave details. Examples are shown below:

Daily leave email (Same Day)



Daily leave email (Next Day)



In a case where no employee is on leave, you will receive an email stating the leave schedule is empty.


Daily leave requests reminder email 

If you set a time here, users who have employees reporting to them for whom they have permission to approve leave will receive an email at the specified time for any pending leave requests. 

Reply-to email address

If you set a reply-to email address, then if any of your employees reply to an email received from the system (such as the Daily Leave Email or payslips), such reply will be sent to the email address(es) stored here. You can save multiple email addresses. After inputting an email address, simply hit the Enter (or Return if you are using Mac) key and press Save Changes.