Default All Clockings as Basic Hours in Review & Approve

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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We have introduced the option to automatically flag all clocked hours as basic. Once enabled, all hours that spill over the shift that the employee was assigned for that day, will automatically be flagged as basic hours in the Review & Approve step.



In order to be able to view and/or edit this for existing employees one of the following permissions are required:

  • Manage employment position history (Excluding remuneration package);
  • Manage employment position history;
  • Manage all employee data;
  • Manage time and attendance settings.


Enabling the Setting

In order to enable this setting for your part-time employees you are required to visit the "Employment" tab from the Dashboard.


Click the "Edit" icon their position details by clicking on the edit icon.


Visit the "Time & Attendance" tab. There will be a new check available titled "Default all clocked hours as basic".


Notes: This will be disabled by default and Talexio users are required to enable this setting manually.


How the Setting Works

As stated above, when this checkbox is enabled, all clocked hours for the selected employee will be marked as basic hours upon approval. Below is an example with and without the option selected.


When an employee has a shift of a specific number of hours, that shift duration is considered as the Basic hours. Clockings that exceed that amount of hours would be normally be considered as Overtime. However with this setting enabled, the hours that would have been considered as Overtime, would now also be included in the Basic hours.

Basic Hours.jpg



When left disabled, the approval block for the above example will have hours flagged both as "Basic" as well as "Overtime".

Basic Hours 2.jpg


Note: The "Overtime" badge will also respect the new checkbox rule.


Exceeding 40 Basic Hours in a Week

Given that all hours will be approved as Basic Hours, there is no capping to how many basic hours are approved. The user will need to verify that no more than 40 hours per week are approved as basic. Any additional hours over and above the 40 hours, will need to be moved to Overtime manually.