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Creating salary reviews has just got simpler. Upload in bulk by downloading the template, follow the instructions herein and find out how easy it is.



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Salary reviews can only be created if users have the "Create draft salary review" permission. For approving a salary review users must have the "Approve salary review" permission. To find out more about "Salary reviews" kindly click on this link.

Required steps

After confirming that your users have the correct permission to bulk upload salary reviews they would need to visit the "Salary reviews" module.

On loading the module, there is a button to "Bulk upload".


Upon clicking on it a dialog will appear, asking the user to either "Download template" or "Upload file".


Note: The "Upload file" function will only work if your downloaded template is populated with the correct data.

Once the template has been downloaded, the user must fill in the correct details for the employees.



Multiple employees can be included within the same file, as well as multiple types of salaries (Yearly, Hourly, or Salary Grades).

Upload the file after all the details have been included in the template.


Once the file is uploaded, a dialog will appear asking for confirmation.


Note: Users can still edit the Salary review details through this dialog.

Upon clicking "Save", the uploaded reviews will be available in the "Draft reviews" tab.


Note: Only the employees that have access will be able to approve the review after it has been sent for approval.

After being approved, a new position for that employee will be created based on the affective date.


Note: All previously included information such as benefits, additional hourly rates and perks will be included in the new position.


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