Reporting facitilies in Performance Reviews

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Our Performance module includes a Reports option. The Reports facility offers two types of reports and is based on what permissions Talexio users have assigned to their profile.



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  2. How to issue reports
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Reporting facilities are available to users that have the Manage Performance Review permission assigned to their profile.

How to issue reports

  1. Open the performance module, at the top right hand side the Reports feature will be visible.



  2. Once a user clicks on Reports, there will be two options to choose from:

    • "Detailed criteria report"
    • "Final score report"


  3. When either of the reports is executed, a new dialog will appear with a number of filtering options which can allow more specific reports for specific employees, departments and/or criteria selected for the reviews. There is also a date range which can be set for the same report.


    Note: The detailed criteria report can only be downloaded in CSV format. However, the final score review can be downloaded both in CSV and PDF. Users have the ability to select the format through the dialog prior to downloading.


  4. Click on the "Download" button once all the fields for your specified report have been selected to have a copy of the report at your disposal.


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