Stop Leave

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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Stop Leave is a feature that will block out times/dates, thus restricting employees from booking leave in these periods. This can be used to block out time for team or company events, for example. 



To set up the Stop Leave function, you will need the Manage Leave Types permission (this must be set on global).

How to set up Stop Leave

Go to the Stop Leave tab in the Leave section. Click on +Add Stop Leave. A dialog box will pop up. 


Here, you will find the below fields:


  1. Name: the name that will identify why employees cannot book leave, for example: Company Wide Event;
  2. Countries: fill in this field to specifically select employees working in certain countries for whom the stop leave will apply. Please note that this is the country of employment (i.e. the country field found in the employee's position, not country of birth or country of residence). 
  3. Employees: by default, all employees will be selected. Nevertheless, you can specify specific employees if you wish this apply to certain employees. Please note that you will need the View All/Manage Employee Data permission to select employees from this drop down menu. 
  4. Departments: by default, all departments will be selected. Nevertheless, you can specify specific departments if you wish this apply only to employees within certain departments. 
  5. Leave Types: by default, all leaves types will be selected. Nevertheless, you can specify whether the stop leave is to apply to bookings on certain leave types, like Vacation leave. 
  6. Full days and Time from/to: Here, if Full Days remains ticked, then the Stop leave will apply to a full working day of each employee. If Full Days is unticked, then you will be able to input the time period when the employee(s) cannot book leave.
  7. Dates from/to: Here, you may specify for what days the Stop Leave will apply. 
  8. Comment: You may add an optional comment for your employees to see. 

Booking Leave on a Stop Leave date

When booking leave, if you select a day for which Stop Leave is applicable, you will get a message that leave is not allowed on this date/at this time. Also, the Add Leave button will be greyed out and unclickable: