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Full time employees are entitled to 192 hours of vacation leave each year (plus any additional leave in lieu of the Public Holidays that fall on weekends). For 2022, for example, the full entitlement is 224 hours. So can an employee make use of all their leave in a couple of months, for example?

If your company allows it, then an employee may book as much leave as they want (as long as they do not exceed their balance). However, if an employee makes use of all his/her leave and then resigns before the end of the year, then s/he would have taken more leave than s/he was entitled to. So how can you avoid this scenario?

The Accrued Only function in the leave types will allow you to restrict users to booking only the accrued leave balance. This means the leave that an employee has accumulated up to the end of the current period. If your company's vacation leave entitlements are 224 hours, then each month, an employee will accumulate 18.67 hours of leave (224 hours/12 months). Thus, an employee may only book 18.67 hours of leave each month. Please note that the employee will gain 18.67 hours of leave each month, meaning that if they do not avail of any leave in January, they will have 37.34 hours of leave in February, and so on. By the end of the year, their full entitlement will equal 224 hours. 



  1. Permissions
  2. Leave Types set up
  3. Leave Base Entitlement
  4. Payslip Balance
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You will need the Manage Leave Types permission. Please note that this needs to be set on global. 

Leave Types set up

To set up a leave type to accrued leave, go to the Leave Types tab in the Leave section. In each Leave type row you will find a button titled Accrued Only. Switch this on to give employees the ability to accrue leave only. 




Please note that the Prorata switch needs to be turned on, too. 


Leave Base Entitlement

Thus, the leave balances will change according to the month:


The balance shall reflect the leave balance accumulated by the end of the current month:



Payslip Balance

If the Leave Type includes Show Balance in Payslip, then the employee will be able to see their consumed leave and balance on their payslip. The balance and consumed leave that will appear here will be the leave as at that payroll date. The below is an example from a September payroll. The employee's accrued leave as at 30th September is 167 hours and 32 minutes. If the September payroll was generated in October, the leave balance would still show the same, as it relates to the September payroll. 



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