Internal remarks and Payslip remarks

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When uploading adjustments in bulk in a single payroll, the template has two columns titled:

  • Internal remark
  • Payslip remark

These remarks are optional, and they are used to act as information points (when and if necessary) for both for the Talexio payroll user and for the employees receiving the payslip.

The internal remark will only display information in the payslip dialog and in the PDF version of the payroll report and the adjustment report. Whilst the payslip remark will give employees more information, perhaps add a date or a short note for clarity on the added adjustment.

There are other ways of having adjustments included in an employee payslip, these include:

  • Shift allowances
  • Adjustments included as part of a remuneration package
  • Requestable allowances

The below information is only available for adjustments added in bulk.


To complete this process, the Manage payroll permission is required.

Adding remarks

When in a payroll, click on Edit and choose Bulk edit.

Go to the Adjustments tab, click on Bulk upload and select Download template.


Open the downloaded file, notice the two columns titled InternalRemark and PayslipRemark. Add the required data: 

Save your data and upload your file.


On completion, the adjustments that are included in your file will be displayed on your screen, click Save.


Viewing remarks

The payslip of an employee with a remark will have an (i) icon next to the adjustments. Clicking on the icon will display a dialog with the inserted information.


The payslip remark will be showing on the employee payslip.


Below is from where internal remarks can be viewed.

  • Payroll report
  • Adjustments report