How do I edit/delete a Team Member's profile information?

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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After creating a Team Member in Talexio ATS module, you can edit their profile and add personal details information. 

    1. Go to the People section, find the employee you need to update and click on the edit button. You will then be able to access the employee Personal details and Dashboard sections.


    2. When clicking the edit button, you will be redirected to the Team Member Details tab by default.
      • In this section, you can update Personal, Residence, and Employment information. You can also add other data such as Languages spoken, Emergency Contacts, and Health Information.


    3. Moreover it will show the Team Member Dashboard where you will find extra information:
      • Something about me
      • Knowledge
      • Interests


    The rest of the tabs shown will be enabled only if you are using the Talexio HR module.

    1. Go to the People section, find the employee you need to delete
    2. Click on the 3 dot burger menu button.
    3. Click on Delete user

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