Paying Employees by Cheque

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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Talexio has a feature that allows you to print a cheque for an employee's salary based on your cheque template.

This option requires your cheque template to be added to your account by Talexio. Therefore if you would like this option to be enabled on your account, please reach out to us on


The permission required to complete the actions mentioned in this article are:

  • Manage Employee Payroll Details - This is needed in order to select the option for an employee to be paid via cheque
  • Manage Payroll - this permission is needed to generate the cheques for printing

Selecting the Payment Type

The option to be paid by Cheque needs to be set on each employee's profile specifically. This is done from the Employee Profile in their Personal Details. Please see this article for the steps to follow.


Which bank account is used?

When an employee is to be paid by Cheque, then the account they should be paid from is from the default bank account in Talexio. This is specified in the employee's employment details under the tab Other Payroll Information.

Default Bank Account.jpg

To set the default bank account you will need to go to Settings and then to the Payroll Tab. From there you will need to select Manage Bank Accounts and from the list of accounts shown, toggle on the account that the cheques will be paid from as the default account.

Default Bank Account 2.jpg


How do I print the cheques?

When an employee has been set to be paid via a cheque, then when generating the payment file there will be an option to Print Cheques. You will also be provided a breakdown of the amounts per employee and the total that will be paid via cheque. Once generated, you will receive a pdf document with the cheque details to be printed onto the cheque paper.


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