How do I create a new company profile?

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Alasdair MacNeill
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The Companies module contains the list of all your created companies on the ATS. From this section, you can create, view, and edit the company's main content: Vacancies, details and profile information:




How to create a new company profile

With Talexio ATS, you can create several companies' profiles to better manage their vacancies. To create a company, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Companies module
  2. Click on "Create a Company"mceclip0.gif
  3. Fill out the Company details in the windows that will display:mceclip3.png
    • Company Logo. You can upload the image from your device. If you do not have one logo, you need to tick the box "This business doesn't have a logo". If this is the case, be aware that when posting on,  an automatic logo will be created listing you as a "private employer".
    • Company name
    • Industry
    • Contact number
    • Website (Optional)
    • Privacy Policy Link (Optional)
    • Terms and Conditions Link (Optional)
    • Company Description. This information will be used when publishing your vacancies on We recommend adding a brief description of the company as this will help candidates understand better your company. However, if you do not want the company description to be shown on, tick the box beneath. 
    • Registered company address
    • Country
    • ZIP Code
    • City
    • VAT number
    • Company leader. You can select from the scroll-down the Team Member that will handle the selection process for this company.
  4. Click on "create"


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