How can I update my company profile?

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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To update your company details follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Companies section
  2. Select the relevant company
  3. Go to the tab "Company Profile"mceclip0.gif
    • This information will be made public on the platforms you select when publishing vacancies (e.g. on job boards or careers pages).
  4. In this subsection, you can update the following company information:
    • Number of employees by clicking on the row and selecting: mceclip1.png
    • Company Benefits, You can type the company's benefits and add as many as exist by clicking the plus button:mceclip2.png
    • A description for the applicant to know "Why should candidates join the company":mceclip3.png
    • Social media accounts links:mceclip4.png
  5. Click on "Update details" to save the changes. 


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