Creating and Posting a job on jobsinmalta

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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In this article you will be shown the full process of creating a new Vacancy on Talexio ATS and then publishing the vacancy to jobsinmalta.

Creating a Vacancy

Creating a vacancy is a simple and easy process. From the left menu click on Vacancy. From this screen you will need to click the + Create Vacancy button.


This will then take you to the Vacancy Creation page where you will be asked to provide the details of this specific vacancy. The details requested are explained in the sections below.

Some information on the Vacancy Creation page is required. These are marked with an asterisk (*) next to the field heading on the page.

    • Position title (required): Keep it simple and easily searchable. 
    • Vacancy leader (required): This refers to the person part of your Team members who will be handling this specific vacancy.
    • Company (required): The companies you have created in your Talexio ATS can be selected from the scroll-down options. If you click on the plus button you will be able to create a new one if required.
      Vacancy Information.jpg
    • Job description (required):
      • For the Job description, you have the option to use the Generate Job Description button which will supply a Job description for you based on the Position Title included in the Vacancy Information. You can keep the generated Job description, or use it as a basis to make your own.

      • If you choose to complete the Job description yourself, you will have to add an intro, followed by a summary that should Include the key areas of responsibility and what that candidate might do on a typical day, and any other information that you feel is important. This description should Include at least 700 characters.
      • If you have additional bonuses or commissions over and above the salary, add them to the job description.
    • Languages (optional): You can select from the scroll-down options the multiple languages skills the candidate may have to fit the role. Job_Description.jpg
    • Job Tags (optional). These suggested job tags are based on the Position Title and will increase the relevancy of the vacancy when a candidate is searching for a job: mceclip3.gif
    • Employment type (required): You may select a value from the drop-down menu according to the vacancy.
    • Experience level (required): You may select a value from the drop-down menu according to the vacancy according to the work experience the candidate is required to fill out the job vacancy expertise requirements. 

      While creating the vacancy on the ATS, you will only be able to select 1 Experience Level. However, the platform allows you to advertise to multiple Employment Levels. Therefore, when publishing a vacancy to you can add additional Employment Levels so that more people are alerted to the vacancy through job alerts.

      Additional Levels.jpg

    • Country (required): It would be selected as Malta by default. (Note all the vacancies posted must be located in Malta).
    • City (required): You may select from the scroll-down options the city in Malta in which the job vacancy is located. 
    • Work location (optional): This means from where the future candidate will be working. Select from the scroll-down menu options: Fully remote, hybrid, or On-Premise. 
    • Industry (optional): Here you can specify the Industry in which this vacancy falls.
      Employment Details.jpg
    • Annual salary (optional): Input the annual gross frame amount to be paid for the job position. The currency will be Euros by default and you can decide to hide the salary to the job seekers when posting the vacancy in jobsinmalta by unticking the box "show salary to candidates".

      Keep in mind that showing the salary will increase your chances of receiving better quality and a higher volume of candidates.

      Annual Salary.jpg
  • Shortlisting questions can be added to vacancies, when added, candidates would have an extra step in the application process. Applications can also be closed automatically depending on the requested answer.

    There are two types of questions available;

    • Text
    • Yes/No



    Text questions can be used when more elaborate or descriptive answers are required.



    Yes/No questions can be used when a simple and straight forward answer is required from a candidate. When added, an ideal answer is required. Candidate applications can also be automatically closed if the ideal answer is not met when the "Must have qualification" is selected. 


Region Filtering


Automatically Close Applications (optional): By setting up an option from the scroll-down, all the candidates' applications that are in this region will be automatically closed, and an automated email will be sent to the applicant: 

Once all the vacancy details have been added, Click Save and Continue. This will take you to the Publishing screen where you can post your vacancy to jobsinmalta.

Publishing your Vacancy


The steps outlined below will show you how to publish the vacancy you just created. 

Once our team receives your payment, your account will automatically be topped up by the amount of credits you purchased with 1 credit deducted for the publishing of this listing. Vacancies are then moderated by our team, which can take up to 48 hours. You will be notified by email when your listing is published.


Proof of Advertising

Should you require proof of advertising for Identity Malta, you can always find your vacancy on the following link:{job_id}

You can then take a screenshot of the vacancy advert or print the page.