Scheduler Validations

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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The second tab in the Time & Attendance section is the Working schedule. This section is only available to users who have the time & attendance module enabled. 

In the Working schedule, you can generate your company/department's schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also generate a report, and filter by employee, department, job schedule, and/or work location. For more information on this, click here

Talexio also offers the functionality to use validations to help you plan out your employees' rosters better. 


To make use of the working schedule, you will need the Manage Time and Attendance Settings (this must be set as global) and Manage T&A Working Schedules permissions. To switch on the validations, you will need the Manage Client Settings permission (also set as global). 



There are two validations available for users. These are:  

  • Maximum consecutive days in a scheduler - this roster validation rule would prompt a warning if an employee has more than this number of consecutive shifts assigned to them.
  • Minimum unplanned overtime - with this rule you can configure the minimum default overtime paid when an employee works an unplanned shift (which are created as approval blocks). 

Please note that these are merely warnings. You may still proceed with creation of a roster if you choose to disregard the validations.


How to enable

To enable and set these up, go to the Settings section. In the first tab (Client Settings), you will find the validation rules at the bottom of your page (in the System section):



Working Schedule

Once in the Working Schedule, the warning will appear in yellow, like the below: